The Excitement of Doing Nothing.

As I am getting ready for the holidays, I am already starting to dread the January question of “what exciting things did you do on your holiday?” When I respond with the one word “nothing,” I am already prepared for the sympathy stares and responses similar to if something horrific had just taken place.  In reality, I am most looking forward to doing nothing.


This has been a long time coming for me. I love keeping busy. The downside is I often keep busy to avoid dealing with things I don’t want to deal with. What are you talking about you may ask? Well if something in my personal life is bothering me, lets say a relationship I will purposely spend all of my time at my job. My job will all of a sudden become the center of my universe and I will convince myself that if I don’t focus on my job somehow the world around me will not continue to exist. This goes vise versa as well of course. I continue to juggle around the areas in my life focusing least of course on the ones that need the most attention.


But why would you do this, It seems so counter-productive? And it is. The thing about having nothing to do, is it forces you to deal with those items in your life you have put on the back burner. The items you didn’t want to deal with. The items you tried to avoid. When you have nothing to do, nothing to focus on, nothing to distract you, you have no choice but to look inwards.  This is the single most item I am excited about over the holidays.


One response to “The Excitement of Doing Nothing.

  1. I agree with you on this. I tend to ignore my other problems by busying myself with other things in my life. As if sticking my fingers in my ears and yelling “lalalala I can’t hear you” will make everything go away. I think it’s just delaying the inevitable rubbish you’ll have to deal with. C’est la vie.

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