Quiting Anti-Anxiety Medication 101

So like most things, being the perfectionist I am I thought I could quit my anti anxiety drugs easily and of course do it cold turkey. I am clearly way too perfect and driven to quit them any other way. But why quit them? I guess the best place is to start with the why. After tons of research and by research I mean googling, I realized there were others out there who felt the same. If you asked me (and them) if the drugs worked I would (and they) say yes! They worked great!  So why why why are you quiting? The problem is they work too well. Yeah I said it, too well. I could have been told the world was ending and not even bat an eye. In fact, I would have just smiled and thanked the person for telling me the horrific news and called it a day. Sounds pretty awesome eh?  It’s awesome until you realize if your not experincing all of the bay, you must be missing out on the good.

The Process:

Day 1 and 2

Didn’t feel great, had a headache, dizzy, nothing crazy.

Day 3 and 4

Felt like I had the flu. Not just any flu, the really bad one when your curled up in a ball and that doesn’t even seem to help.

Day 5 and 6

Flu was gone, but got extreame emotions going on. Not just the “I had a bad day” emotions, but rather the please keep all sharp objects away from me kind of day.

Day 7 and 8

Simillar to day 1 and 2, but the flu is gone and I no longer want to jump off a bridge.

SUCCESS! If you are looking to end any medications (of course consult your Doctor) and make sure your prepared for what is about to come. It was hard. I felt like a recovering drug addict, maybe because I kind of was. Don’t give up. I am extreamly excited now that I can feel again.

To feel the bad and to feel the good.




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