Stats are in! People are delaying pregnacy

Stats are in! People are delaying pregnacy



I saw this on the news earlier this year and it’s kept with me in the back of my mind. I have always wanted to have a child in a loving relationship, but what happens when that relationship doesn’t come along? What about those who just get married to have children and than the marriages end quickly in divorce? What about those who have one night stands and end up with awesome children? The pressure to have a child can become immense as we age, and that should not tie more pressure to running to the alter or getting stuck in unhappy relationships.

What are your thoughts on Co-Parenting?

Here is a link to a Co-Parenting Website in Canada:

Founder Ivan Fatovic of Modamily Says:

“We noticed a good portion of family and friends spending their 20s and 30s focused on their careers and putting off marriage and children. Yet, as they approached 40, especially in the case of female friends, there came an enormous amount of pressure for finding a partner, often resulting in rushed marriages ending in divorce.
It was even more disheartening when a child was introduced because now that child would often have to be raised in an environment of friction where mommy and daddy did not get along. I felt there had to be another viable option that could protect against these problems. Hence, co-parenting.”