How my dog saved my life

So my dog never pulled me out of well or pushed me away from oncoming traffic. The irony here is my dog is a collie and is very much like the famous “Lassie.” In fact she is probably the opposite of a life saver… If a bear was approaching she would probably be the first to run away. But she is my dog and I love her.

My dog is so much more than just a dog; my dog has saved me life. Over and over again she has helped me through challenging times. Whenever I am upset or felt alone; she has always been there. During a very dark time my doctor asked me what keeps me going in life? I remember being depressed as I read of people who continued on for their children; I did not have children so what was my motivation? Then I realized it was my dog. My dog gives me constant affection and love. She needs me to care for her much like a child does. My dog knows when I’m happy, when I’m sad and when I need to be taken care of. My dog knows my deepest secrets and listens to my every word. My dog is my best friend.

Call me crazy, but I am thankful for my dog. She has truly saved my life.