It’s all in how you see it

What’s that saying? “Beauty is the Eye of the Beholder”? I googled it (since I google everything) to get a better interpretation of the phrase. Now before you all turn away, I promise this is not a high school English class. I’m not going to go into Shakespeare or rehearse any lines from an upbeat musical. Lets be honest, English class was never my strongest subject anyway.

“Beauty is the Eye of the Beholder”? = Your opinion from your point of view.

I recently met a woman who was told she couldn’t have any children due to a medical condition. She went on to marry a man who had several children from a previous marriage. My initial reaction was to feel sorry for the woman, as I imagined how difficult it must be to be around children knowing you could never have any of your own. However, I was mistaken. The woman had found delight in the fact she was given so many step children to care for and love as her own.

Mind blown.

Earlier I had met another woman who couldn’t seem to keep a relationship. It seemed to me every few years she was with a different man and nothing serious ever came from it. I tried to understand why such a beautiful, caring and intelligent woman was jumping from relationship to relationship. I thought of how emotionally draining it must be and prayed I would never fall down the same path. To my surprise, this is what she wanted in life. She didn’t want to be in a long term relationship. She enjoyed the company of others, but was happy with the freedom and independence not having a serious relationship provided.

Mind blown x 2

Next time, before you judge someone else, remember what you think is one way, may be a total different way to that individual person. What you perceive as bad, in reality is good. Am I getting too deep for you?

But don’t just stop there! Just like an infomercial where you get a two for one deal. This concept works in your own life as well! What I’ve learned is to take an unpleasant situation I am facing and turn my point of view. How can I view it differently? What is the positive in the situation? How would a third party view the situation?

It’s all in how you see it.