A Square is not a Triangle

Have you ever wanted something so bad that your willing to convince yourself it’s working?

A friend of mine was recently in this relationship she thought was going to last forever. They quickly moved in together and were planning the rest of their lives together. All the red flags were there, but she brushed them off as normal relationship problems. I mean, she’s a smart, good looking, and hardworking woman, clearly she knew what an unhealthy relationship looked like. She wasn’t about giving up on relationships and understood sometimes they take work. The severity of the red flags increased and she soon accepted that no matter how hard she tried it just wasn’t going to work. He wasn’t a bad person, they were just too different.

This made me think of the shapes toddler toy. The trick is for the toddler to fit the square shape into the square hole, the circle shape into the circle hole… and you get the point. Sometimes we want people to fit into our lives and we want them to be, who we want them to be. In reality, we can’t change people (nor should we seek to). A square shape will never fit into the triangle shape hole. You can push and shave off the edges, but the square will always be a square and the triangle will always be a triangle.