The Problem With High Expectations

The problem with having high expectations on yourself is you begin to have them for other people.

Have you ever watched something happen and wondered why the other person would say or do such a thing? Like somehow it’s just common sense and you can’t rationalize their choice? Why would your coworker post on their Facebook wall about how they hate their job knowing their boss reads their Facebook wall regularly? Or why the person on the bus won’t give up their seat to the elderly man who is having trouble standing? Or why that parent at your local fast food establishment is letting their child eat food off the ground? You see where I’m going here, the list could go on for days.

The simple answer is, that other person isn’t you.

We each have our own set of unique vales, opinions and views on life. We are all different. It’s one of the great things about life.

It can also be incredibly frustrating.

The problem begins when someone doesn’t live up to our expectation. Are they really wrong? Are we really right? I think the real frustration is within ourselves. Many of us place such high standards on ourselves, that we are surprised when others don’t live up to the same. The ironic part is often our expectations are so high, that we are not even capable of reaching our own standards we’ve set.

Let’s not misinterpret here. I am not saying we need to lower our expectations of ourselves or of others. However, realistic expectations and high expectations are two different things.