I’m not insecure, I’m rational

Have you ever heard the story of the lady who is deathly afraid of flying and she goes on a plane and is convinced something bad is going to happen? The smell of burning equipment, really is dinner being cooked; The flight attendants are whispering about the planes doom, not about last nights dinner party; or that faded humming sound is a mechanical breakdown, instead of just air flow from the air conditioner unit.

Some times I think I should have become a lawyer because I can rationalise any situation. I can make any situation turn exactly into what I want to believe is happening, instead of what the reality is of whats happening. Seriously, I’m amazing at it and I should get paid for it. I’m so good at it, that I can even disguise it as just rationalising the situation so clearly I must be right.

And I am never right.

The problem is, once you begin to convince yourself that an apple really is an orange, your eventually going to start to believe it. No one wants to be proven wrong, so you will go to all lengths to make sure that the apple really is an orange for no other reason than the satisfaction of being right. It’s amazing what our brains can do really.

Your not rationalising, your just being scared and insecure.

And it’s okay.

I’ve learned to play the fact versus fiction game. Take any situation and make two columns; Fact and Fiction. List your reasons in the two columns and it’s amazing how your facts actually turn into fiction. The trick is, your facts really need to be facts. Sounds simple eh? But it’s not. Your facts can not be something you think to be true or someway you’ve interpreted a situation. Facts need to be facts.