It’s okay to make mistakes

The thought of choosing where to go for dinner can be stressful enough when you suffer from indecisive syndrome. This probably isn’t a legit syndrome, but I think its serious enough to become one. I mean, do I want pineapple on my pizza or do I want mushrooms? What if I get the mushrooms and am dissatisfied because I really wanted the pineapples?

Okay I get it, there are much bigger problem in the world, than my debate on pizza toppings and need to get my priorities checked. But, when you suffer from indecisive syndrome, pizza toppings can be a paralyzing experience.

Am I starting to make you hungry yet? Either it’s getting close to dinner time or I actually have a point here. One of the lessons I’ve recently learned is that it’s okay to be indecisive and its okay to make mistakes.

It’s okay to eat pineapples, when you really wanted mushrooms.

It’s okay to change your mind.

It’s okay to make mistakes.

It’s okay to be confused.

It’s okay to be indecisive.

It’s okay.

If you take a wrong turn, you turn your car around and just keep driving forward.